The Singing Hills Bio 

“Radiant family harmony...Native humor” are just some of the comments from those who have seen The Singing Hills in concert. The sincerity & simple message, of what God can do when lives are turned to Him, has touched many hearts over the years.

Their roots go back to that pivotal time when Roger’s father, a Seneca from the Six Nations Indian Reserve in Southern Ontario, turned his life around for the Lord. As a result, a whole family was impacted! It wasn’t long afterwards that Roger, with his parents & eight siblings, began singing & sharing the Gospel, as the original Singing Hills. 

The current Singing Hills began in 1981 when Roger and his wife Patti moved, with their four daughters, out West to attend Bible School. They never imagined that what began as a family who loves to sing would blossom into a full-time traveling ministry!

Today the group includes, Roger & his wife Patti, daughters Kari & Kelli, and an exciting new addition, their eighteen year old granddaughter, Talia. Roger, with his deep bass voice, has said many times that he is blessed to have traveled all those years with his family, and now with his grandchildren!  

The Singing Hills’ journeys have taken them thousands of miles across North America to churches, community halls, jamborees & many other venues. Their music has been recorded on twelve albums, as well as on TV (including Tribal Trails). Wherever they have gone, the Hills have never forgotten the amazing grace of the Lord who brought them from such a lost place, to standing onstage & shining His love to others!

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